Golden Acorn Farm raises and butchers about  200 hogs a year. The hogs are a heritage breed called a red wattle, which produce juicy, sweet, and marbled pork.

Owner Meagan Monaghan raises her hogs in the forest, and rotates them with electric fencing. They are free to roam and forage for acorns, black walnuts, mushrooms, grubs and more. To balance out their diet, she also feeds a ration of non-GMO hog feed, and lactose fermented non-GMO corn.

“I do all of our own breeding, and have a closed herd,” Monaghan said. “I don’t use antibiotics, hormones, or vaccinations on my animals.”

It does snout-to-tail butchering, and offer every type of pork cut, she said. “We also have cured bacon, hams, hocks, and offer nitrate- and sugar-free bacon. We sell multiple types of sausages made for us by Sonoma Meat Company. None of our sausage have any nitrates, fillers or preservatives.”