Sierra Orchards

Sierra Orchards is an organic farm along Putah Creek in Winters. It’s dedicated to using holistic and regenerative farming practices that preserve natural resources and surrounding ecosystems while creating the highest quality and nutrient-dense foods.
Pasture 42

Pasture 42

Pasture 42 is a small-scale family farm on 32 acres of pasture in Guinda. It’s dedicated to sustainable farming practices. Prior to landing in the Capay Valley, Susan and Ken Muller farmed in Southern Oregon on 15 acres of pasture. Since 2007 they have produced...

Capay Organic

Growing organically since 1976, Capay Organic started with 20 acres of star thistle and a dream. Inspired by the idea of farming sustainably, Kathy Barsotti and Martin Barnes started the farming traditions that their sons and families carry on today. Capay Organic...