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Note: During COVID-19, applications are not being accepted for anything but farm products. Applications submitted from other categories will be held for future consideration. 

Sell Your Farm's Products

Farmers may apply to the Davis Farmers Market with their agricultural products (fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, honey, flowers) and their non-certifiable agricultural products (meats, poultry, eggs, oil, jams, nut butters, wine, dairy products, aqua-culture). All products must be grown in California.

Step 1: Get certified. To sell certifiable agricultural products, farmers must be certified by the California Department of Food and Agriculture in the county where their products are grown or raised, and must have a current Certified Producers Certificate. Application here:

Step 2: Apply to sell at the Davis Farmers Market. Download it here.

Market Rules DFM Alliance 2018

Read the rules. Fill out and sign the form. Submit it, along with your Certified Producers Certificate, to or P.O. Box 1813, Davis, CA 95617

Once you are approved to sell at the market, we will send you a registration form.

Registration fees: 

$40 first year; $25 thereafter

Stall fees: 

Registered sellers: 7 percent of gross sales ($30 minimum on Saturdays, $20 minimum at Wednesday Picnics in the Park and $10 minimum at UC Davis Farmers Market and Sutter Davis Hospital Farmers Market)

Nonregistered sellers: 8 percent of gross sales, with $26 minimum (You must be registered to sell at the Saturday market.) Approved vendors may sell as nonregistered sellers at the UC Davis and Sutter Davis Hospital farmers markets.

Sell Non-Agricultural Food Products

Processed food
Processed foods sold at the Davis Farmers Market include ready-to-eat foods prepared off-site, made using ingredients produced by our farmers whenever possible. Examples include tamales, soup, pies and breads.

Download an application to sell processed foods here.

Stall fees: 7 percent of gross sales ($30 minimum on Saturdays, $20 minimum at Wednesday Picnics in the Park)

Prepared food
Prepared foods are made on-site, usually at Wednesday’s Picnic in the Park. All new prepared-food vendors must use farm-fresh ingredients, sourced from our farmers whenever possible. Applicants from downtown Davis restaurants receive priority.

Download an application to sell prepared foods here

Stall fees: 7 percent of gross sales ($30 minimum on Saturdays. Wednesday Picnic in the Park minimums established each season)

Note: Sellers must register to sell processed and prepared foods at the market ($40 first year; $25 thereafter). After approval, all non-agricultural food vendors must have a health permit for the kitchen at which their products are produced and packaged, as well as one from Yolo County. Some examples of foods that will not be approved: candy, snow cones, sodas, chips, doughnuts, funnel cakes, churros.

Sell Arts and Crafts

The Davis Farmers Market allows the sale of crafts or other non-agricultural, non-food items that meet its criteria.

All crafts sold at the Davis Farmers Market must demonstrate fine craftsmanship and be thematic with the farmers market. Crafts must reflect images of agriculture, agrarian lifestyle or the market (or in the case of pottery, must be used for serving or eating food). Crafts must be created from scratch. The component materials must be sufficiently modified from their original state to demonstrate fine craftsmanship. No jewelry is accepted (criteria difficult to substantiate). All craft vendors who participate must maintain a city of Davis business license and a seller’s permit from the state Board of Equalization.

Vendors must be registered to sell at the market and submit a quarterly reservation form to sell on Saturdays. Approved crafters selling on Wednesdays do not need a reservation form, but must provide prior notice of sale dates.

Before submitting a craft application, send photos, with captions describing the products, along with contact information to or P.O. Box 1813, Davis, CA 95617. All crafts are subject to a review by the craft review committee.

Download an application to sell crafts here

Stall fees: Registered sellers, 7 percent of gross sales ($30 minimum on Saturdays, $20 minimum at Wednesday Picnics in the Park);

Nonregistered sellers: 8 percent of gross sales ($26 minimum). Vendors must be registered sellers to sell on Saturdays.

Political / Nonprofit Space

For socio-political/community groups:
The Davis Farmers Market allows nonprofit organizations and community information groups to reserve space at the market in a designated area, determined and assigned by the market manager. Check with the manager for before setting up. We recommend arriving by 7 a.m. on Saturdays and by 4 p.m. on Wednesdays. Groups are responsible for bringing their own chairs, table and signage. Your space will not exceed 10-by-10 feet. Each group must sign and return the Market Policy for Socio-Political/Community Groups Form before or upon arrival.

2020 community group form

Fee: One form and its $20 fee serve each registrant per year.

Nonprofit groups must provide proof of nonprofit status, and may be asked to verify the roles of individual representatives, and proof of where the proceeds go.

Fundraising items – related to or in support of participating organizations and for fundraising purposes – is permitted with prior approval by the market manager. These are items sanctioned by or representative of the organization. Examples include Sierra Club calendars, and SPCA logo water bottles or T-shirts. Service clubs may sell raffle and event tickets.


Individuals or groups may not interfere with market operations by aggressively soliciting signatures, donations or attention. Activities may not block sidewalks or access to assigned vendor stalls.

All individuals must stay behind their tables or displays. At no time may representatives walk through the market handing out information. Individuals or groups must accept the spaces assigned to them by the market manager.

Each organization or individual must prominently display its name, bring its own tables and chairs, and comply with all applicable market rules.

The market retains the right to regulate the time, place and manner of activities relating to displays, signs, posters, placards and other expressions of the interests represented. The use of “fighting words,” obscenities, grisly or gruesome displays, or highly inflammatory slogans likely to provoke a disturbance may be prohibited by the market manager.

We no longer permit animal rescue groups at the market.

The Board of Directors has authorized the market manager to enforce the above rules. Violation could mean expulsion from the market. The market does not endorse the opinions or positions of any groups or individuals.

For more information, email or visit the market shed during market hours.

Apply to Play Music

Acoustic musical entertainers are invited to email, expressing interest and availability. The office manager will contact you with details.

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