About Us

The introduction to the Davis Farmers Market Cookbook tells the story of the Davis Farmers Market.

Download the The Story of the Davis Farmers Market, a 15.7 MB PDF.

Recognition and Awards



To educate and engage the public about nutrition, sustainable agriculture, and the economic value to our area of buying locally grown food and locally sourced products directly from growers and artisans. In this effort, the Davis Farmers Market Alliance connects and supports communities, local agriculture, farmers and artisan food producers.


Board of Directors

Farmer Representatives

Thaddeus Barsotti, Treasurer, 2017-2020, Capay Organic                                 

Todd Barth, 2017-2020, Capay Canyon Ranch

Hope Sippola, 2018-2020, Fiery Ginger Farm           

Debbie Ramming, 2018-2020, Pacific Star Gardens                                                                                      

Steve Smit, 2018-2020, Mt. Moriah Farms

Sheri Williamson, Secretary, 2017-2020, Williamson Farms

Doneice Woody, Vice President, 2018-2020, PURE Honey


Non-Farmer Seller

Kate HutchinsonPresident, 2018-2020, Ciocolat


Consumer Representatives

Ann Filmer, 2017-2020 

Jeff Stromberg, 2018-2020


Program Areas

Dan Kennedy, 2018-2020

Jeri Ohmart, 2019-2020

Carol Barsotti, 2019-2020